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In March of 2010, President Obama signed into law legislation that seeks to decrease the rising cost of health insurance coverage and make it more affordable for the growing number of uninsured Americans.

Among other things, the bill requires all Americans to purchase a minimum amount of health insurance, and requires many employers to provide coverage for their employees or pay a $2,000 fine.

In the coming months, the Employment Policies Institute (EPI) will examine the consequences of these new provisions for the entry-level workforce.

EPI has already released a number of studies on the economic impact of various healthcare policies. Recent research co-authored by a former director of the Congressional Budget Office took a closer look at the characteristics of the roughly 47 million uninsured Americans. Research commissioned from Harvard University compared the effects of various health insurance reform proposals, and our 2007 HealthCare Symposium with Cornell University looked at the economics of “pay or play” employer mandates.

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