Minimum Wage Hike Hurts

In a recent Sun article, “Labor officials bring minimum wage push to Baltimore” (May 14), a researcher from the labor union-supported Economic Policy Institute claims that the “majority of minimum-wage earners work for large companies in the retail, fast-food and hospitality sectors, not for small businesses.”

This is not true: Two-thirds of lower-wage workers are at businesses with 100 or more employees, not “large companies.” These 100-employee businesses could just as well be a small restaurant franchisee with five locations or a regional grocery store chain with three locations.

That’s not the only thing the Economic Policy Institute gets wrong: Contrary to their claim, 85 percent of the best research from the last two decades finds job loss following a mandated wage hike.

Michael Saltsman, Washington, D.C.

The writer is research director of the Employment Policies Institute.