Minimum Wage: Links

Statistical Data Links

Department of Labor Minimum Wage
Federal Department of Labor minimum wage page. Facts and history of the minimum wage.

Minimum Wage Laws in the States
Updated information from the Department of Labor on state minimum wage laws.

The Employment Situation
Monthly summary and statistics from the two primary Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) surveys (CPS and CES). Revised the first Friday of each month to reflect the previous month’s data.

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
Main menu providing links to access BLS data through a variety of methods. Also links to BLS news releases.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Selective Access
Links to sites that will allow the user to select and retrieve BLS survey data on employment from the Current Population Survey (CPS) and Current Employment Statistics surveys.

Consumer Price Index Home Page
Home page of the CPI with links to its historical values.

Federal Reserve Board
Home page of the Federal Reserve Board

The Federal Reserve Beige Book
Links to the FRB’s Beige Book Report, which details regional conditions in the U.S. Published eight times per year.

FRB Statistics: Releases and Historical Data
Current releases and historical data for macroeconomic data collected by the FRB, including interest rates, national Flow of Funds (the national income statement and balance sheet), the money supply, consumer credit and terms of bank lending.

U.S. Census Bureau
Home page for the Census Bureau, links to population and other statistics.

Bureau of Economic Analysis
Links to national GDP data and to regional economic data.

State-Level and County-Level Data on Personal Income
Links providing access to current and historical regional data series.

Commerce Department site that collects economic and business data from over fifty government agencies.

Economic Information Links

National Bureau of Economic Research
Publisher of working papers concerning current events and interest in economics. Includes a NBER paper search engine.

Social Science Research Network Electronic Library
Search engine for recent research papers. Search by keywords or by author.

American Economic Association (AEA) Directory of Members
Facility that enables users to search the AEA’s directory of members for contact information about AEA members, including address, phone number, and email address.

Welfare Information Network
Links to a variety of information about welfare reform efforts, including references and data.

Yahoo Economics
Links and a search engine for an assorted variety of economics sites.

Yahoo Minimum Wage Links
Search directory of minimum wage links.