Statement on Senator Hillary Clinton’s Health Care Plan

  • Publication Date: September 2007

  • Topics: Health Care

Statement on Senator Hillary Clinton’s Health Care Plan

Today in Des Moines, Iowa, Democratic presidential candidate Senator Hillary Clinton (R-NY) officially unveiled her universal health care plan.

A spokesperson for the Employment Policies Institute issued the following statement concerning Clinton’s proposal:

“Any plan that tries to achieve universal coverage without addressing the rising costs of health care is bound to fail,” said Jill Jenkins, chief economist at the Employment Policies Institute. “What Americans need most are reforms that cut down on the price of insurance, but Senator Clinton’s approach is liable to do exactly the opposite.”

Jenkins continued: “A meaningful step towards truly universal health insurance would be allowing Americans to avoid costly state-level mandates and make online purchases of insurance plans across state lines. And Americans should be allowed to purchase their own health insurance and deduct the cost at income tax time.”

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