Letter: Tip Well

Original Article: https://www.nydailynews.com/2023/04/09/readers-sound-off-on-health-insurance-police-pay-and-tipping/

  • Author: Michael Saltsman

  • Publication Date: April 2023

  • Newspaper: New York Daily News

Arlington, Va.: Re “Pay employees wages, not tips” (op-ed, April 5): Saru Jayaraman ignores the real impacts of eliminating New York’s tip credit on tipped restaurant employees. In fact, thousands of tipped employees, including many in New York, have opposed Jayaraman’s advocacy for years. Her organization’s bill to end the tip credit would turn a lucrative position into a flat minimum-wage job. New York tipped restaurant employees already report earning up to $25 per hour. But economists from Cornell University and the U.S. Census Bureau find that as tip credits are slashed, tip percentages also go down. That’s taking money directly out of restaurant employees’ pockets, not to mention the other consequences of lost jobs or shuttered restaurants. One Fair Wage’s track record of celebrity campaigns to eliminate New York’s tip credit have failed time and time again because restaurant employees are leading the charge to save it. This time shouldn’t be any different.