Conflicts of Interest in Peer Review of LA Minimum Wage Studies

  • Publication Date: May 2015

  • Topics: Minimum Wage

A “peer review” of three Los Angeles minimum wage studies will be presented to the City Council’s Economic Development Committee next week. An early copy was obtained and publicized last night by KPCC.

The “peer review” favors the study by a team of labor union-affiliated researchers at UC-Berkeley’s Labor Center and Institute for Research on Labor & Employment. Yet the peer reviewers themselves appear to have conflicts of interest:

Michael Saltsman, research director at the Employment Policies Institute, released the following statement:

Calling on an economist formerly employed by Big Labor’s think tank to provide a neutral ‘peer review’ of the Berkeley minimum wage study is almost as ridiculous as the original decision to have the Berkeley team conduct that study. Whatever the credentials of the reviewing economists, their affiliations clearly create a conflict of interest that prevents the City Council from receiving a neutral assessment of the consequences from a $13.25 minimum wage.