EPI Warns Illinois House: Tip Credit Elimination Will Turn Illinois into D.C. Disaster

Tip Credit Elimination Could Kill Thousands of State Jobs and Restaurants
  • Publication Date: March 2024

Arlington, Va. – On Wednesday, the Illinois House Labor and Commerce Committee will hear public testimony on House Bill 5345, which would eliminate the state’s tip credit and nearly double the current required hourly wage for tipped employees.

Rebekah Paxton, research director for the Employment Policies Institute (EPI), submitted written testimony ahead of the hearing, highlighting the adverse impacts this policy would have on Illinois’ servers, bartenders, and restaurants. Her testimony (available here) includes:

Ahead of the hearing, Paxton issued the following statement:

“Decades of evidence show that ending the tip credit cuts earnings, kills jobs, and shutters restaurants. Other markets across the country, including the nation’s capital, offer cautionary tales about the devastating effects of tip credit elimination. Members of the committee should ignore the activists trying to export the D.C. disaster to Illinois before they wreak more havoc in the state.”