STATEMENT: Senate Proposal to Cost Illinois Thousands of Tipped Restaurant Jobs

  • Publication Date: February 2023

State senators have introduced SB 293, which would eliminate the state’s tip credit that allows restaurant service employees to count tips toward the minimum wage requirement. The tip credit system not only allows servers and bartenders to earn well above the standard minimum wage through their tips, but has been championed by employees themselves across the country. At the federal and state level, bipartisan coalitions of legislators have opposed harmful changes to the tipped minimum wage.

Analysis by economists at Miami and Trinity Universities shows SB 293 would cost thousands of tipped restaurant employees their jobs and millions in earnings. According to analysis by the Employment Policies Institute, the bill would:

In addition to the analysis on Illinois’ proposal, EPI has released a detailed brief debunking common myths about the tipped wage.

Rebekah Paxton, Research Director at the Employment Policies Institute, released the following statement:

“Activists such as One Fair Wage claim to act on behalf of restaurant workers, but continue to push policies that damage workers’ livelihoods in a uniquely lucrative and flexible position. Economic research shows tip credit elimination would cost thousands of tipped restaurant jobs and reduce earnings for Illinois tipped workers by more than $20 million.”